Dr. Hitesh Jani


Founder of Garbhopnishad Foundation jamnagar (gujarat).Ayurveda Physician, Faculty of Panchakarma, Training expert, 3rd year – Trained Swayamsevak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Former State Secretary B.J.P., Gujarat, Former President – Rotary Club of Jamnagar District


  • 1.More than 4 decades of Clinical Experience
  • 2.Traditional Ayurveda Naadi Parikshan Expert .
  • 3.Extensive Knowledge to use Ayurveda Panchkarma in Treatments & Health Promotions
  • 4.Extensive Research on Ayurveda Panchgavya and GarbhVigyan.
  • 5.Excellent in doing Ayurveda Based Wellness Counselling to patients along with Treatment.
  • 6.Specialist to treat majority of chronic diseases like keen repair, first stage Cancer etc.
  • 7.Treated more than 40,000 Patients during his career till date
  • 8.Made more than 2000 Doctors during his teaching Career at Jamnagar University

Present Positions:

1. Member- Executive Committee, Animal Welfare board of India , Govt of India

2. Chairman, Panchgavya clinical Registry, Gau Seva Aayog, Govt of Gujarat.

3. Chairman, Gauvigyan Foundation, Jamnagar

4. Advisor, Apex Committee Panchgavya Research, Junagarh Agriculture University

5. Hon. Director, Lakulish Yog University, Ahmadabad

6. Member Board of Studies, Children’s University ,Gandhinagar

7. Worked as a Mentor for state Health Policy (Bhartiya Swasthya Chintan) for the Governments of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh

8. State President, Ayurved Vyaspeeth, Gujarat

9. Invited Member for Gujarat AYUSH advisory committee to promote Ayurveda Wellness tourism in the state.

10. Chairman, Garbhvigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Jamnagar

11. Associated with Fellow of Royal Club of Physicians, London

Major Concepts given to Society through Ayurveda:

  • GauVigyan (गौ विज्ञान )– Indian Desi Cow is essential for Life , Health and Economy
  • GarbhVigyan (गर्भ विज्ञान ) BestProgeny through Ayurved for better Generations
  • Lokayurved (लोकायुर्वेद) – Protective and Promotive Ayureda knowledge to common man in Current Style. Must Visit www.lokayurved.com

Resource Person :

Honoured as resource person for Ayurveda awareness from more than 20 universities & Government national Institutes all over India.

Political Journey :

BJP, Gujarat State secretary since 1997 for continuous seven (7 ) years.

Revolutionary movements during Current Pandemic :

  • 1. CORONA PREVENTION WORK : Preventing Lakhs of Indian Nationals and NRIs including CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) Jawans ,Police officers, Cluster Quarantine Village, Hotspot areas and Micro Containment zones of entire Metro City etc. from corona during current Pandemic situation through his Nationwide famous “ LOKAYURVED DRY GINGER THERAPY”.

    This effective Corona Prevention Research has been presented at “Council for Ayurved Research, USA” also. To know more on his works for corona prevention through Ayurved. kindly Visit www.lokayurved.com

    2. COVID TREATMENT WORK: Treating mild to moderate covid patients through his AYUSH (Gujarat) approved and Rashtriye Kamdhenu Aayog, Government of India recommended “AYURVEDA PANCHGAVYA COVID MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL”.

    He has already cured more than 400 covid patients with the above protocol at his India’s First Ayurved based NGO Hospital namely SHATAM Ayurved Covid care centre at Rajkot . Multi centric Clinical Trials based on this Protocols has been done by BHU, Varansi , Municipal Corporation Hospital Kalyan and also going on at many other major Hospitals.

    3. NATION WIDE FREE CORONA HELPLINE: He inspired Ayurved Practitioners nationwide and started INDIA’s First NGO based NATION WIDE AYURVED VAIDYA’s FREE CORONA HELPLINE to serve India during world Pandemic. Information on this helpline is available on www.lokayurved.com

Awards received

  • 2007: International Excellence Award for Ayurved, Singapore

  • 2012: Swargiya Moropant Pingale Gauseva Puraskar

  • 2017: Gauchaturmaas award given by Shankracharyaji

  • 2018: Ayur Vikas Award for Ayurved Awareness, Lions Club


He has written many books on various wellness concepts related to Ayurveda.

Various Publications publishes his wellness articles regularly. He is a well renowned speaker and has many followers on Social media

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