Welcome to Garbhopnishad Foundation

Garbhopnishad Foundations was set up in 2021 to give a wider perspective of operation to the already existing Garbhvigyan Anusandan Kendra which has been operational for the last 19 years.


Garbhopnishad Foundation has been one of the pioneer institute working in the field of Ayurvedic Antenatal Care.
Protection and sibling rearing is a law of nature and is given utmost importance in the biological world. Ayurveda, the medical system and science of life, has been cherished by India from time unknown, is also no exception to this. Much attention has been given by almost all seers of the past and they have covered all aspects of antenatal care, not only embryological but genetic considerations too are well studied and recorded by them.
To prove and establish ancient Ayurevdic Antenatal Care, institution conducts various pilot studies, observational studies, literary research and clinical trials at Jamnagar as well as other places nationwide with the help of Medical Professionals, Vidhyabharti and other Educational Institutions.
We at Garbhopnishad Foundation shall also be looking at other aspects of research, training and well being related primarily to issues of women and children.
Mission & vision

Srestha Vyakti Nirman - Srestha Samaj Nirman - Srestha Rastra Nirman

Thrust Areas

Providing guidance to the youth and adolescents with regard to Family Life and protect the interest of the young couple in producing  “uttamsantati” through ayurvedic care and general health of the mother and child.

Objective Of Institute

To guide, help and assist mainly women and children in their well being and cure of diseases through Ayurvedic clinics, hospitals, healthcare centers and centers for Panchakarm & Nature therapy.

To provide a platform for best progeny to couples by giving them services for pre conception, antenatal and postnatal health.

To carry out activities of research related to pregnancy & diseases related to women and children, to work for providing medical & healthcare services to the society

To impart training to health workers, doctors and medical students etc. for prevention and cure of disease of mainly women and children.

To plan, organize, equip, conduct, develop, improve, administer and review projects and programs for preventive and curative healthcare for Sustainable development of healthy lifestyle in general.

Meet The Team

Our Achievement

More than 1000 couples have taken part in the program offered by GARBHOPNISHAD FOUNDATION till date . among them all majori-ty of participants , have shown positive result , and have had nor-mal values within the normal limits of Antenatal and postnatal pe-riod as per ICMR criteria . the difficult labour and post natal com-plication were notice up to minimum level.

More than 2000 physicians trained for garbhvigyan- garbhsanskar during – 15 training programme.


Contact Points in India associated with Garbhvigyan Anusandhan Kendra & Ved Garbha, Jamnagar: Doctors can sign MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Garbhvigyan Anusandhan Kendra to get facilitated with the subject of Garbhvigyan and can practice fluently. Many doctors (Dr. Shobhna Dabhi, Dr. Nisha Joshi, Dr. Himanshu Sharma, Dr. Sarvari Mishall, Dr. Pratixa Desai, Dr. Neeraj Singhal and many others) have already signed MOU with Garbhvigyan Anusandhan Kendra and are practicing without any hurdles.

Krishna Hospital & Ayucare

Kamal Istrirog Nidan Kendra (Garbhvigyan – Garbhsanskar Kendra)

Deep Istrirog Nidan Kendra & Aatmadeep Garbhsanskar Kendra

Kamini Garbhsankar & Eve’s Wellness Center

Krishna Maternity Hospital



Vedant garbh vigyan evm sanskar kedra

Swasthya Veda Garbhsanskar Clinic

Amrit Ayurveda Superspecialist Hospital – Panchkarma & Yog Hospital

Shree Brahmi Ayurveda | Panchakarma center

Shri Krishna Super Speciality Institute of Ayurveda