Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


Ashapura Women’s Academy and Garbhopnishad Foundation

Every couple wishes to have a smart, intelligent and a good-looking child. To fulfil their wish Ashapura Women’s Academy (Ashapura Foundation, Village : Padhar, Kutch, Gujarat) and Garbhopnishad Foundation have jointly started a program. This program is designed for people to provide them information and awareness about garbhsanskar, parenting hood and the importance of suvarnprashan for a child. This program is an initiative towards making our next generation a vedic generation.

More than 100 couples are provided information regarding garbhsanskar and parenting hood. About 2000+ children are provided with the drops of suvarnprashan-the ayurvedic immunization doze. Various seminars and awareness programs are conducted to provide awareness about garbhsanskar and suvarnprashan every month.

Suvarnaprashan- An Ayurvedic Immunization Keeps babies Healthy and Happy

Suvarnaprashan is an immunization procedure described in ayurveda. Suvarna is used along with herbs, medicated cow ghee and honeyin “LEEDH” (thick shake) in an "AVALEHA" form. It is given from birth till the child attains the age of 12 years at every Pushya-Nakshatra.

Suvarnaprashan is a scientific ayurvedic immunization procedure. India had a knowledge about the immunity and immune power before thousand years ago. The knowledge about the permanent immunity for specific diseases of children and adults is described in Ayurveda. If the classical survarnaprashan is done from birth to 12 years then there may not be the requirement

of POLIO, T.B., MMR, etc. vaccinations separately and in future, child will be protected from viral bacterial infection. Suvarnaprashan Sanskar not only helps in increasing immunity, but also makes a child mentally and physically fit by increasing the life-span and makes child’s memory sharp.


  • 1. Increases smrutti and buddhi (intellectual power and memory power).
  • 2. Increases the digestive power of a child.
  • 3. Protects a child from bacterial and viral infection.


   Suvarnaprashan- a Movement for Healthy India :

Suvarnaprashan-A movement for healthy India is a research project of Ayurved Vyaspeeth, Gujarat and Vidhyabharti Siksha Sanst

han, Gujarat. A lot of research is conducted and is still going on to make our future generation a healthy, intelligent and a smart generation. According to the research conducted by researchers and experts, a standard dose is prescribed by the experts according to the age. In Gujarat and Maharashtra approximately 9000+ children are taking Suvarnaprashan in about 75 centers. Approximately 86 Vaidyas are researching on the project.


                  • 1. The problems like bed-wetting and indigestion are decreased.
                  • 2. Children are taking deep interest in study and sports.
                  • 3. Found positive impact in various disorders like Epileptic convulsions, allergies, hepatitis, etc by suvarnaprashan.