Garbh Vigyan Garbh Sanskar Training Arpil 2024 by Garbhopnishad Foundation


In an endeavor to delve into the profound realm of Garbh Vigyan (the science of pregnancy), Garbhopnishad Foundation organized an innovative training program blending online and offline sessions. This unique initiative aimed at enriching the knowledge and skills of medical practitioners in the ancient art of Garbh Sanskar, ensuring a holistic approach to prenatal care.

Online Sessions:
Commencing on the 30th and 31st of March 2024, the online sessions provided a foundational understanding of Garbh Vigyan. Renowned faculties, including Dr. Hitesh Jani, Dr. Karishma Narwani, among others, shared their expertise, emphasizing the importance of referencing multiple scriptures for a comprehensive understanding.



Offline Training Programme:
From the 2nd to the 6th of April 2024, the training program transitioned to an immersive offline experience held in Jamnagar. Facilitated by esteemed experts, the program offered hands-on learning opportunities and practical insights into Garbh Sanskar practices. Participants engaged deeply with the subject matter, fostering a nuanced understanding through interactive sessions and workshops.




Unique SOP Development:
A standout feature of the training program was the development of a unique Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) tailored for Garbhvigyan practice. Crafted by the Garbhopnishad Foundation, this SOP ensured standardized and effective implementation of Garbh Sanskar procedures, enhancing the quality of prenatal care provided by participating doctors.



The training program boasted an impressive lineup of faculties comprising seasoned professionals and experts in the field of Garbh Vigyan. With diverse backgrounds and specializations, each faculty member contributed valuable insights, enriching the learning experience for all participants.

Dr. Hitesh Jani
Dr. Karishma Narwani
Dr. Sanjana Balar
Dr. Darshna Pandya
Dr Gaurang Vyas
Dr. Neha Pandya
Dr. Roopam Upadhyaya
Mr. Chiragbhai Raval
Vd. Milind Tapodhan
Dr. Shilpa Chudasama
Dr. Shilpa Donga
Dr. Apexa Vyas
Dr. Deepak Pande
Mr. Bharatbhai Dhokai
Mr. Jayesh Bhai Trivedi
Mrs. Heenaben Thummar
Dr. Poonam Rangoliya
Dr. Shilpa Donga
Dr. Pratixa Desai
Dr. Shobhna Dabhi



Mass Awareness Program and Certification:
Culminating on the 6th of April 2024, the training program concluded with a Mass Awareness Program and Certification ceremony. Over 25 doctors from various states and cities across India were awarded certificates by both the Garbhopnishad Foundation and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University. This recognition underscored their commitment to advancing their knowledge and expertise in Garbh Sanskar practices.

Participant Experience:
Feedback from participating doctors highlighted their profound appreciation for the comprehensive training program. They expressed satisfaction with the depth of knowledge gained and the practical skills acquired, affirming the program’s efficacy in enhancing their Garbh Sanskar proficiency.



The Garbh Vigyan Garbh Sanskar training program by Garbhopnishad Foundation exemplifies a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering medical practitioners with the ancient wisdom of prenatal care. Through a blend of online and offline sessions, coupled with hands-on learning experiences and expert guidance, the program equips doctors with the necessary tools to provide holistic care during the crucial stages of pregnancy. As participants embark on their Garbh Sanskar journey, they carry forth a renewed commitment to nurturing the health and well-being of both mother and child.